Leisure centres attract hundreds of new members and in excess of £100k new annual revenue from socially vibrant Shapemaster suites. Centres around the UK are earning upwards of £1,500/ msustainable annual revenue from new members each paying between £25 and £40per month.

If you have space that could work better for you and are interested in increasing your market share of the 88% who don’t have a gym membership, we will examine your local demographic and create a tailored business impact study for your centre. The study will tell you how much extra revenue you could attract and from which demographics in your local community.

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Shapemaster suites can provide measurable contributions to local authority Health & Wellbeing strategies. This is important for council run centres and provides a competitive edge for leisure trusts bidding to run local authority centres.


Shapemaster provides accessible exercise for those outside the 12% who have gym memberships in the UK. Shapemaster members tend to be:

  • The over 40s – Shapemaster centres provide a vibrant and welcoming environment that are especially popular with those in their 40s and upwards.
  • The body conscious – creates a comfortable environment which offers a real, less intimidating alternative to the high-energy gym.
  • Disabled and poor mobility – accessible exercise for those with restricted or poor mobility or those in rehabilitation.
  • Anyone who wants to try a different and fun way to exercise!


Leisure trusts across the country enjoy great success with Shapemaster suites, accessing new members, new revenue and providing important social value the community.

Existing customers enjoying success include Your Leisure, Halo Leisure, Tone Leisure, Blackpool Council & Hyndburn Leisure all of whom have upgraded to a second site.

Other customers enjoying success include LED Leisure, Lincs Inspire, Sencio Community Leisure, Pendle Leisure Trust, Valley Leisure, BH Live, Aspire Leisure & Burnley Leisure.

We would be happy to put you in touch with Centre Managers, Chief Executives or even Shapemaster customers who can tell you first-hand how the power assisted exercise benefits them.